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For my busy Bellas who don't have a moment to spare, the Bella On-the-Go treatment at Leona Bella Skin Care is your essential solution. This swift 30-minute appointment, thoughtfully curated by me, serves as a vital touch-up to keep you looking your best amid your bustling schedule. As your dedicated master esthetician with over 15 years of expertise, I understand the importance of efficient skincare without compromising on effectiveness.

Our session is designed to be quick yet effective, ensuring that your radiant beauty is prioritized, even when time is of the essence. Trust in my expertise as I navigate through a skincare routine tailored to your needs, guaranteeing that you maintain a flawless appearance. At Leona Bella Skin Care, your beauty is paramount, and the Bella On-the-Go treatment is crafted to seamlessly fit into your busy lifestyle.

$95.00 30 min

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