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Bella 9-1-1

When faced with an unexpected skin emergency on the day of your significant event, the Bella 9-1-1 treatment at Leona Bella Skin Care becomes your essential rescue. This emergency intervention is designed to prevent exacerbating a breakout by attempting to handle it yourself. Entrust me, Leona, your dedicated master esthetician with over 15 years of expertise, to gently extract and calm the area with a special blend of healing and soothing ingredients, complemented by high-frequency treatment.

Navigate unforeseen skin emergencies with the Bella 9-1-1 treatment at Leona Bella Skin Care. Trust in my expertise for an emergency intervention that keeps your skin flawless and radiant, ensuring you face every event with confidence. Your radiant journey continues with precision and care, even in unexpected moments.

$60.00 15 min

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